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Rocket Launch

The Challenge

Aerospace is a cornerstone of our global infrastructure and economy. While passenger safety is at an all-time high, the increasing adoption of connected technologies exposes aircraft, airports, satellites, and the interdependent aerospace ecosystem to new types of risks. The consequences of cybersecurity failure in a ground, air, or space-based system can impact human life and public safety; a crisis of confidence in the trustworthiness of air travel can undermine economic and (inter)national security.

Our Values


The aerospace industry, security researchers, and the public share a common goal: safe, reliable, and trustworthy aviation and space operations. For too long, negative perceptions and fractured trust on all sides have held back collaboration between the aviation, space, and security researcher communities that has advanced safety, reliability, and security of other industries. As the traditional domains of aviation safety, space and cybersecurity increasingly overlap, more effective collaboration between stakeholders ensures we will be safer, sooner, together.

Through the Aerospace Village, the security research community invites industry leaders, researchers and academia interested in aviation and space security, safety, and resilience to positively engage, understand and collaborate together to achieve our common goals. Empathy and understanding build common ground, while acts and words likely to increase division between these two communities undermine these efforts. The Aerospace Village welcomes those who seek to improve aviation and space security, safety, and resilience through positive, productive collaboration among all ecosystem stakeholders.

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