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About the Aerospace Village


Aerospace is a cornerstone of our global infrastructure and economy. While passenger safety is at an all-time high, the increasing adoption of connected technologies exposes aircraft, airports, satellites, and the interdependent aerospace ecosystem to new types of risks. The consequences of cybersecurity failure in a ground, air, or space-based system can impact human life and public safety; a crisis of confidence in the trustworthiness of air travel can undermine economic and (inter)national security.

Build, inspire, and promote an inclusive community of next-generation aerospace cybersecurity expertise and leaders.

The aerospace industry, security researchers, and the public share a common goal: safe, reliable, and trustworthy aviation and space operations.

The Aerospace Village is a diverse community of hackers, engineers, pilots, policy leaders and more from across both the public and private sectors. We believe the flying public deserves safe, reliable, and trustworthy air travel, which is highly dependent on secure aviation and space operations.

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