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DC31 Badge(s)

This year the Aerospace Village is proud to present two badges for DC31 both developed to honor the 120th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight, as well as the 5th anniversary of the Aerospace Village.


The Wright Flyer Badge

Celebrating 120 years of aviation and 5 years of the Aerospace Village. This Wright Flyer badge was inspired by the famous picture taken during the first of four flights made by the Wright Brothers on December 17th, 1903. In only 120 years, humanity has broken the sound barrier, made commercial flying safe and viable, sent astronauts to the moon and back, and even started making commercial space travel a reality. Humanity has achieved so much from those early days of the Wright Brothers wing warping techniques to the modern realities of today’s flight with fly-by-wire flight controls alongside technologies such ADS-B and ACARS.

We are releasing this badge in conjunction with the five-year anniversary of the founding of the Aerospace Village. We are limiting the numbers to individuals who are willing to help ensure the Aerospace Village remains accessible to those who are passionate about the intersection of aviation, space, and cybersecurity. This badge features two counter-rotating propellers just as the Wright’s had originally designed. This badge is built around the ESP32-S2 microcontroller serving as its own Wi-Fi access point. Additionally, the Wright Flyer badge has expansion capabilities to showcase two of your favorite SAOs.

Upon solving some basic challenges, you will be able to learn both the normal and emergency procedures of this badge as you continue your search for more hidden Easter eggs. Prepare yourself for a safe flight by studying your emergency procedures to ensure you are prepared for an engine failure, perhaps the result of a malicious hacker, all while learning how safety backups help operators recover from an incident.

Upon conclusion of DEF CON 31, the source code will be made available for anyone who wants to modify and upgrade their very own copy of flight history.

Only 50 of these badges were made, and all donations go to helping us put the Aerospace Village on every year.


The Wright Stuff Badge

"The Wright Stuff" celebrates 120 years of aviation innovation and progress. Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of flight and the iconic film "The Right Stuff," this badge seamlessly blends historical significance with futuristic imagination. 

At its core, the badge features a remarkable scene where the Wright brothers soar through the skies aboard a satellite, clad in space suits. This homage pays tribute to the accomplishments of the Wright brothers, who, 120 years ago, achieved the first powered flight, propelling humanity forward with a mere 10-foot altitude on that first flight that laid the foundation for aeronautical exploration. Just 65 years from the Wright brothers' flight, humanity achieved the seemingly impossible feat of sending astronauts to the moon, marking a profound milestone in our cosmic journey. 

Adding to its allure, "The Wright Stuff" incorporates a ESP32 microcontroller, infusing the badge with modern technology and interactivity. Crafted with ingenuity, the badge conceals numerous intriguing Easter eggs, inviting hackers and enthusiasts on a thrilling journey of discovery, unlocking hidden surprises and secrets within the badge's realm. Additionally, the badge has an expansion capability to showcase one of your favorite SAOs.    

The stunning visual design and artistic brilliance of "The Wright Stuff" are credited to our friend at, whose exceptional skills and creativity brought the concept to life. Their contribution elevates the badge to a true masterpiece, seamlessly merging art, pop-culture, technology, and history. 

With its clever fusion of history, innovation, and a touch of mystery, "The Wright Stuff" beckons us to explore the skies and beyond, capturing the spirit of human ingenuity, resilience, and unyielding curiosity. As we celebrate the legacy of aviation and space exploration, this electronic art badge serves as an inspiring reminder of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, both within the badge itself and in the uncharted frontiers of human achievement. 

Available in person at DEFCON31 for a minimum donation of $80 to the mission of the Aerospace Village.  

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